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Our mission is to remain reliable and efficient at the forefront of the Ugandan
construction industry through quality, honesty, and hard work
  • Quality
  • Hardwork
  • Honesty

We endeavor to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the industry. We have been accepted by the construction industry as a trustworthy business of service and personal attention to clients. As a result of this reputation, STEEL POLE has the honor and privilege of leading some of the highest profile projects in Uganda.

Steel Pole Construction On Site Fabrication of Door & Window Frames

We save Costs by fabricating Steel Door and window frames on site.

Steel Pole Construction Adding Floor Extention


STEEL POLE construction a pioneer of the steel construction technique using steel columns and high beams (IPE). In 2012, this idea was brought up by two brothers Dalton Ssemaganda and Martin Mugenyi who started working with a construction company that was in business already (S-Fran). Later in 2015 because the business was booming, another Compaq any joined us which created a lot of confusion among employees and this venture did not last for long because these two companies focused on money and forgot about the goals that we had at the beginning of everything.   Then on 9th August 2017 Steel Pole was incorporated and started operating independently


Since then, the company has continued to deliver the best value in building services by placing expert construction professional in all their projects and the best of it all. All our clients believed in us and we have worked together until now and they keep recommending us to other people.


Steel Pole Construction Adding Floor Extention
Steel Pole Construction Fitting Poles to the Ground

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